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Like most people, you probably start your day with a cup of coffee and while preparing for work, you may be listening to the information on a radio or on the tv.

It seems like violence is becoming an everyday event with someone on the news getting shot, robbed or becoming brutally assaulted and you tell yourself that it’s a real shame that this is happening, but this only happens to the other guy.

Well the other guy or gal who just yesterday was thinking the same thing, has now become the most recent statistic.

My question to you is simply this, in today’s society with drugs being such a federal problem, can you afford to gamble with your own personal security or the safety of your wife and children.

No one wants to be the victim of an attack. It’s not like we go out for and day walk or jog and expect to be mugged, but unfortunately in today’s society, these things happen.

Have you ever given any thought to what you’d do if you found yourself in a life threatening situation? Do you have any plan for protecting yourself in this kind of circumstance?

Most people may have at some point considered buying a gun for self-protection, but the thought of shooting someone even in self-defense, may be something that they would rather not consider.

Statistically within the next hour, somewhere in america, a man or woman will be taken, robbed or physically attacked while on their lunch break.

Taking the opportunity to develop a self-defense plan and carrying a self-defense device on your person at all times, particularly if you’re going to be outside after dark, could save your life.

You should understand that attackers aren’t just creeps that are hanging out in a street or any weird person waiting for you to go to your car after dark. Most personal attacks occur when you are least prepared to counter them.

The truth is that more than 80 percent of rape victims know their assailant beforehand, but once again feel that this would never occur to them.

Having a proper self-defense plan in place can keep you from becoming the next statistic.

Bear in mind that even when you carry a self-defense weapon, it’s completely useless if you are not prepared to use it especially against somebody you may not expect.

Here are a few things you can do to prepare yourself from a potential attack.

1. This weapon should feel like an extension of your arm. If you are carrying pepper spray, you ought to know how to use it and you should have rapid access to it when needed. Consider attaching it to your key chain or purse with a quick release attachment.

2. If you are by yourself going into your car at night, it’s important to have the ability to see what is ahead of you. So carry a flash light and plan an escape route if you feel threatened.

3. If you feel threatened, carrying a key chain alarm will create enough noise to attract attention to your environment. An attacker does not need to attract attention to himself, and the sound produced by the alarm may offer you enough time to get to a safer place.

4. Other self-protection weapons to consider would be a Taser gun, or a stun gun.

Dont Be A Statistic!

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