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The recent spring weather, as good as it was; managed to entice me to the garden. I had a terrific time planning and planting my new garden and had a great time in the sunshine. However it was a terrific distraction to my time.

This was just the most recent distraction; I’ve been procrastinating for months, following eighteen months of vertigo and overall ill-health. I’ve allowed my small business activity to slide into oblivion!

Well now is the time to make a change, I really prefer a structure to my life, a goal and achieving goals, but I have been procrastinating and wandering through days with little to show for my time, not to mention less satisfaction and little purpose. Sunny days in the fresh air were a very enjoyable diversion and come the summer the fruits of my labor will hopefully be visible.

Well I chose to read a book I’d previously published.

Sometimes it’s easy to let yourself become bogged down by unfortunate events, ill-health or overall day-to-day living. Spring always feels like a good time to turn things around and as character turns the hedgerows green my enthusiasm for change grows.

The trouble when you choose to catch up again with matters that have descended in a downward spiral it’s difficult to decide what to do first!

My choice was to reassess what is important to me, and what I find most enjoyable. Life is too short not to prioritize things you like doing!

The first was to get healthy again I am not overweight just a bit flabby from lack of exercise and my balance has gone to pot after my leg fracture etc.. So Tia Chi I am told should help that, plus a toning program and if I can fit it in – balance exercises in my Wii fit.

My second was to reconstruct my internet business and work at home. I have all of the knowledge I only need the determination to put it all into practice! So with all this planned action I certainly should not be bored by a lot of TV!

It’s easy to let procrastination and distractions take over your life, until one day you wake-up to locate months or years have passed by. Decide what’s really important to you and make a concerted effort to reach it – Wishing you great success and a happy journey too!


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